“The Man Who Invented Christmas” | FIU Professor’s Book Turned into Major Motion Picture.

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The man who invented Christmas

FIU Online students nationwide don’t have to travel to Florida this winter season to get a sense of collegiate pride, warm feelings, and holiday cheer. All of this is coming straight to their backyards, or more appropriately, to their local theaters, on November 22nd with the release of the major motion picture, The Man Who Invented Christmas.

FIU Creative Writing Program Director Les Standiford was moved when he saw his creation come to life. He recently attended the New York premiere of The Man Who Invented Christmas, the movie based on his book with the same title.

The film introduces audiences to Charles Dickens, the man behind A Christmas Carol, the timeless holiday classic, as it puts Florida International University on the creative map, nationwide.

Standiford’s book details the journey that led to Dickens’ creation and initiated many of our favorite Christmas traditions. Adapted for the big screen, the movie features Dan Steven (Downtown Abbey, Beauty and the Beast), Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music), and Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones).

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